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Everything you need to know about non-life insurance in SA

"2020 EDITION"


"Join SA’s leading insurance brands in supporting this dynamic short-term insurance project"

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The third edition of Everything you need to know about non-life insurance in South Africa is due in July 2020. We would like to extend an invitation to leading brands in South Africa's financial services sector to partner with us to ensure that this 'living' insurance project continues on its successful path. The book is updated every second year to accommodation the ever-changing insurance regulatory landscape and update market statistics for local insurers and insurance brokers.

Everything you need to know about
non-life insurance  is a soft-cover book that contains 16 chapters over approximately 420 pages. Now in its second edition, the book is the culmination of many hours of research and offers a thorough examination of the short-term insurance sector. The book is aimed at insurance professionals, financial intermediaries and their clients, consumers and students of insurance. It is written in an easy style that makes it possible for anyone with an interest in insurance to dip in and out of the various chapters at their leisure. It serves as a useful guide that stakeholders in the industry can keep ‘close at hand’ and refer to whenever they want to look up a fact or statistic.

The book targets existing and potential stakeholders in the South African short-term insurance industry. Our main readership includes decision-makers and higher-level employees at companies involved in insurance, insurance broking and risk management. We also have a strong following among educators and students of insurance. 

The book is distributed by way of giveaways at industry events; bulk book orders by advertisers for ‘gifting’ to staff and clients; and through sales to the consumer market. We print an initial print run of 3000 copies, which will be distributed as follows:

~ 1200 copies will be given to attendees at the 2020 African Insurance Exchange, Sun City (SUBJECT TO AGREEMENT);
~ 800 copies ordered by advertisers for distribution to their employees / clients;
~ 500 copies given away at IISA forums and / or IRMSA events (SUBJECT TO AGREEMENT);
~ 500 copies will be retained for sale via our website.